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Awesome news for my fellow crafters! Sublimation designs are super trending right now in the craft world. You can upload your design here, and I can print it for you on sublimation paper for your sublimation projects! 

-I use premium sublimation paper and ink to ensure you are getting a quality transfer.

-Sublimation transfers do not work on 100% cotton or dark colored substrates, please be sure you are using the correct medium/ temperature/ and equipment. I am not responsible for defects related to the sublimation process/equipment.

-Sublimation is made for lightly colored polyester or approved sublimation blanks.

-Please keep in mind that sublimation does not print white. Anywhere your design has the color white, it will show through to the color of the substrate you are pressing on.

-I can print any image that you have the rights to use.

- After you upload your file, choose the size and amount of images you would like to be printed!


The sublimation transfers are ready to heat press. We use high-quality sublimation printer paper and inks. Sublimation can be done on light-colored fabric containing at least 50% polyester. The higher the polyester count, the better. My Designs are also available for download so that you can print your own from home for all projects!

Infant 4.5” - 5.5"
Toddler 5.5" - 6.5"
Youth 7" - 8"
Adult S - L 8.5” - 11”
Adult XL-XXL 11.5” - 13"