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Why do I do the small towner fund? It’s so you can help me— Help you. Small towner fund can’t pay off someone’s house. Small Towner fund can’t pay for a bells and whistles trip to Disney for a sick child. Small town fund can’t even pay for a funeral. That isn’t what I had in mind when I started this fund. It comes through for people when they LEAST expect it. It buys a senior or two a dress for prom because they had to help keep they lights on at their house. It buys a load of groceries for that aunt that gained emergency custody of her sisters kids this summer. They will just show up on her door and she won’t have a clue where it came from— help when she LEAST expects it. It pays for the next person in line. Small Towner fund has one goal— it is to start a chain of LOVE. My goal is that these people I am able to help in small way will remember that the chain of LOVE doesn’t have to end with them. Growing up in a small town, the shirt signifies the small town love that I want everyone to have.
I think sometimes we get to caught up on whether the cause is a good one or not— when we should just be worried about where OUR hearts are. You know in your heart YOU chose kindness and YOU chose to partake in a good deed. Along the way, YOU may be the encouragement others need to repeat the good deeds they've experienced themselves – contributing to a more positive community❤️ a LITERAL chain of love. Started by me and YOU!





My UNISEX graphic tees can be used on hoodies, long sleeves, or crewnecks so whether you are planning on staying cool or warm; this graphic will keep you covered. Great for everyday wear or casual outings!

Please choose three different colors so that I can have the ready as fast as possible. There are no refunds or exchanges

All brands of garments vary due to availability. The Gildan Color chart is to just give me an idea of what color you want. 

Perfect gift for Christmas gifts for dad, Fathers day, or just because you love to give a dad in your life presents!