Goats Milk Soap By Brookdale View Farms- Several Scents available

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Goats milk is amazing for your skin because it has the same pH level as your face, making it gentle and compatible. It is packed with nourishing ingredients like AHA, lactic acid, selenium, and vitamins A through E, which all work wonders for your skin's microbiome. People have been using goat milk for centuries to help hydrate and nourish dry or sensitive skin. It's like giving your skin a big drink of moisture and nutrients!

There are several scents for you to choose from in a 4 ounce bar! Just Choose your favorite in the drop down! 

The creator of this line of goats milk soap is Cindy Duke and cured for 30 days right here in Central Ohio, and Displayed at How About That Boutique By Mrs. Ollangg Located at 24 West Main street, West Jefferson, Ohio 

Looking for some goat soap or other unique items for gifts or pampering yourself? Come check out How About That Boutique By Mrs. Ollangg! I have a variety of vendors with all kinds of products to choose from. The boutique is open Wednesday through Friday from 12pm to 7pm, Saturday from 10am to 4pm, and Sundays from 11am to 3pm. Stop by and treat yourself or find the perfect gift for someone special!