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INTRODUCING "doggy salve" By Kiki's Apothecary.  This amazing product is made with love and care to help soothe your pet's dry, crusty paws and snout using natural, locally-sourced beeswax, organic coconut oil and shea butter, olive and sweet almond oils, and Vitamin E. 

Kiki knows how difficult it can be to help Fido or Kitty to not lick everything you put on to try to help them soothe dry, cracked areas, so we've formulated this simple ingredient to be rich in the moisturizing department while also being LICK SAFE! No fancy chemicals or extra added scents to entice your pet to fervently lick away every application. We are also aware that pets' natural reaction is to do just this, so here's what we advise for the most effective results:


* Prior to application, be prepared to offer your pet a treat or playtime activity that will last approx. 10-15 minutes. For instance, offer your pup a small bone or chew toy; or be prepared to offer kitty their favorite catnip toy to play with immediately following application.

* Apply a small fingertip of balm to affected area; massage in

* Supervise or engage in play activity to help distract from application while the balm penetrates and soothes the skin.

* Reapply following the steps above, as needed.

NOTE: Kiki's Apothecary doesn't anticipate  any issues with this formulation, but all pets are different. If any irritation occurs, discontinue use immediately.