A funny Valentines card with I still love you on the front 5x7

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 Introducing my hilarious and unique Valentine's Day card that is guaranteed to make your loved one burst into laughter! Say goodbye to the mushy and predictable cards, because this one will leave an unforgettable impression. Perfect for anyone who appreciates a good sense of humor, this holiday card is full of surprises and giggles!

Celebrate the day of love in the most unconventional way with our Valentine's Day card. Whether you're looking to give it to a partner, a friend, or even your quirky grandma, this card is sure to bring a smile to their face. It's time to spread some laughter and remind your special someone that your love is strong, resilient, and as enduring as the roll of toilet paper!

Features that make our card extra special:

🧻 A picture of toilet paper placed on top of the roll: In a world full of fancy chocolates and roses, why not stand out from the crowd? Show your true romantic side by presenting your loved one with a picture of the most essential item we all came to appreciate in 2020 – toilet paper! This clever and unexpected twist will surely impress even the most challenging recipient.

🧻 "I still love you" message: The simplicity of this heartfelt yet comical message is what makes our card so unique. Straight to the point, it conveys your unwavering love for the recipient without a hint of cliché. Who needs elaborate declarations when a roll of toilet paper can say it all?

So, are you ready to add some laughter and excitement to your Valentine's Day surprise? Don't miss out on this fabulous card that will leave your loved one rolling with laughter and filled with joy.

Order now and make this Valentine's Day one for the books!


Nothing on the inside so you can write your own message!