Bleached Tees are all the trend right now! My tees are all hand bleached and made-to-order meaning no two designs will be the same, each shirt is unique. My shirts go through a 3-Step process and shirts are washed throughout the process.

🔹Shirts are Gildan Soft Style UNISEX
65% Polyester 35% Cotton
(The reason we use a higher polyester is so that the the ink is brighter)

🔹These are a Unisex Pre Shrunk Jersey Knit, thin & lightweight.

🔹Ladies, if you would like a snug fit I suggest sizing down, refer to last photo for sizing info. please message me with any sizing questions.

☀️I bleach my shirts with the help of the sun and since each item is made-to-order there is the possibility of weather delays.

☀️When bleaching a shirt may become a little thinner in the bleached areas, this is perfectly normal and to be expected. Shirts are also meant to have a “vintage” look to them so fading is normal.

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