How About that Recipe: Mrs O stuffed peppers!

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How About that Recipe: Mrs O stuffed peppers!

Happy Monday!

The Ollangg house is having my version of stuffed peppers! 

Stuffed Peppers!!! Mrs. Ollangg style ❤️❤️

✔️5 bell peppers
✔️1 can of Chicken broth
✔️2 lbs lean ground beef
✔️90 second white rice packet
✔️2 packets of taco seasoning
✔️1 cup of salsa (I use whatever is cheapest)
✔️1 can of fire roasted corn
✔️ 1 can of black beans rinsed and drained
✔️shredded cheddar Jack

❤️ chicken broth in the bottom of my Dutch oven, and I bake the peppers for about 15 minutes @ 375. Fill it with the mixture, top with cheese and bake cover @ 375 for about 20 minutes!

The kids like to eat just the insides! But I LOVE bell peppers! 

You could cut some carbs by Omitting the rice! Or, you can be sure to use 93/7 ground beef for a leaner recipe! 

So. Many. Variations. 

I would LOVE to hear your version ❤️❤️