Just what is this small town boutique capable of?!

Just what is this small town boutique capable of?!

I get the question a lot-- What is How About That boutique?! I like to think my shop is jack of many trades. Women's clothing small- 3x, graphic tees, home décor, tumblers, and most recently skincare!

Lots of people ask me what the name means or how I came about naming it. Let me tell you a little story. A few years back I was struggling to find a hobby to keep me busy during the beginning of the pandemic. My mom suggested I name my business How About That Boutique because every time I feel like I have done or said something impressive-- I say "How About that?!"... It just started out as something kind of funny and now its on the front of my building!

There are a LOT of things people do not realize I offer! I wanted to write this blog to give you a little bit of a list! 

 I sell fun graphic tees, women's clothing small- 3x, and many other small crafts like Air fresheners and tumblers! I also have vendors who Bring  A LOT to the table. Frankie Sanders, Sells Handmade Crafted signs and other home décor all over my store! Jennifer sells the most amazing tumblers I have ever seen. These two ladies have been with me since day one of opening the brick and mortar! Most recently, I added Liz Appulese to my team of boss babes! She is the owner and founder of AuraPure Essentials and sells an AWESOME line of skincare products that are all natural. 

Custom design work is a big part of my shop, and your shopping Experience! Below are listed ALL of the services you will have available to you at my shop! \


1) Women's Boutique Clothing Small-3x

- Tops, Leggings, Jeans, Cardigans, and everything in between. I have even been known to get women's sizes up to 5x! 

2) Graphic tees

- I launch many new designs every week! These are all mostly unisex sized tees for women and men up to 4x! 

- I also do custom work and large teams! School spirit is a specialty!

- You can either stop in at 19 west main street or call/text me @ 614-674-4155 to discuss what you are looking for!

- I also do wholesale tees for businesses and other things like fundraisers. 

3) Tumblers

There are a wide range of options in store! You can also request special designs! 

4) Graphic Design-- I can design almost anything, all of which you can send off to be printed or We can discuss printing. 

- logos

- business cards

- pamphlets/brochures


- invitations

- social media posts

- and MORE. 

5) Greeting cards

ANY and ALL holidays or events! I can also take requests! 


I am located at 19 West Main street, West Jefferson, Ohio 43162 or you can always contact me via text/call 614-674-4155 as I ship all over the USA!