Print Mockups – What is a Mock Up and how to use a Digital Mock up

Print Mockups – What is a Mock Up and how to use a Digital Mock up

So for those of you who have not heard of Print Mockups let me explain what is a mock up. A mockup is a blank image of a product that you then add your image to i.e. a Tee shirt  mockup would show an image of a tee shirt to which you would add your design to.

 How to use a digital mock up, diy your own designs on tee shirts

Print Mockups are super easy to use most of the time. My biggest tip is to get designs that include a png file (with a transparent background) so you can easily slot your image in. You can get mock ups in a lot of themes and colors right on my website!

Mockups are a useful resource for Print on Demand creators, diy tee shirt makers, and digital artist. These images allow you to promote your products without having to invest time and resources on a real garment. 

I have paid and downloaded my design! Now what?

Upload your design and mock up. Place your design (translucent file) over the mock up and resize it to make it look realistic.

And that’s it! Here you have a beautiful mockup that you can use to promote your products. It looks pretty realistic, doesn’t it?


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