Let's make a Bleached Tee! My version of a Bleach Tee "How To"

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Let's make a Bleached Tee! My version of a Bleach Tee "How To"

Bleached tees have been UBER popular later. I do NOT wanna do bleached tees anymore-- So, HERE are MY tips--- Everyone may not do it this way! This is not the ONLY way. This is how I do it-- 

If you are following my steps-- You need these things:

1) A HEATHERED t- Shirt (My favorites to bleach are heathered Pink, Heathered Purple, and heathered dark grey!) the Gildan G640 Softstyle shirts in ANY heathered color (except graphite heather) will have the 65% poly and 35% cotton make up. 

blank bleached teesblank bleached teesblank bleached tees



* If you are using sublimination-- You must use a higher count of Polyester. %65 percent or more will give you the best results. Sublimation adheres to the poly so as long as the shirt has anything over 40% polyester you should be fine BUT the lower the poly count the more distressed your sublimation will look. So keep that in mind.

* You can really use any 100% cotton shirt-- These just bleach the best to me. BUT DO NOT use sublim prints on cotton! Cotton is more for Vynl!

2) A plastic bin lid, a cutting board, a Thick piece of card board--- This will act as a barrier for you! You can also use parchment, a trash bag, etc.. I just like a harder surface. 

3) 100 percent bleach

4) A spray bottle (LABEL this bottle well and keep it away from everyone so it doesn't get used for things its not intended for!) Use my Amazon referal link for this weed sprayer! https://amzn.to/48EWVgj

5) sunlight

6) peroxide/water mixture. Equal parts in a bucket or in your tub. You could even grab ANOTHER spray bottle, and add equal parts to saturate your shirt. 


For my Instructions-- 

So, After I have placed my barrier inside of the t shirt-- I lay it flat OUTSIDE. I Then spray it exactly where I want the bleach to lay. Use a "stream" on your spray bottle to control the design better, but the "Mist" if you really don't mind where it will go! 


I usually let it sit about 30-40 minutes in the sun, and THEN, I dunk it in my Peroxide water mixture (Or the spray bottle method). The peroxide will stop the bleaching process. At this point, you can throw it in the washer by itself. Wash on delicate cycle with two rinses. I hung mine to dry but you can dry it just on low temperature.


*The speed will determine on how Sunny (AND HOT!) it is outside. You have to keep checking on it-- Do not let the bleach dry up on your shirt! It is a good way to thin the shirt. 


It is much easier to just do 10-12 shirts at once to save your time and supplies! 

It seems a lot harder than it actually is! If you have thought about it-- TRY it. Its a cool little craft. 

When you figure out how long/sun exposure/ect--- You could Even do different designs like you would a tie dye shirt! 

PLEASE submit your bleach projects! I am curious to see your creations! 


blank bleached tees