The Best types of swim suits for your Body type!

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The Best types of swim suits for your Body type!


Let start by saying I am a LONG time pear shaped gal-- regardless of my weight, I have always been the same shape! I am all about embracing your body type! You do not need to change to find the perfect swimsuit. Instead, choose the style that fits you and your body. Doing so will make you more satisfied with your choices, and it will improve your experience wearing a swimsuit.

Pear shaped like me?

So, Because, I have a big old bootay-- High cut swimsuits, string bikinis NEVER suited me. I don't like to constantly walk around picking a wedgie, or constantly pulling for more coverage! So beyond avoiding  the Brazilian and other skimpy cut swimsuits, I am always on the look out for busy tops and solid bottoms! It kind of pulls the attention away from my dairy air!

Which is why I go with things like One pieces, skirtinis, or tankini sets with brightly colored tops!  

Small bust?

Choose a top that will enhance your girls! A lifting, push-up, or padded top will best bring out your curves. So, you know how horizontal lines sometimes can cause certain parts of the body to appear large (HELLO, I would not be putting horizontal lines on my big old butt, LOL it doesn't need anymore emphasis!) -- Well, this goes for choosing a top for small busted women. You should choose a top with horizontal lines or ruffles to create the illusion of a larger bust! NO triangular or solids if you wanna look fuller!

Plus size?

Just choose a suit that flatters your full figure. No Crash dieting or swim dress needed! Prints that extend from bust to hip or across the body create the illusion of a longer, leaner torso (if that is something YOU want, who cares what others think). 

Self conscious in the stomach area? Look for things like "tummy control" or look for gathering on the suit in the stomach are--- This creates a smoother 6 pack look!!!!!

Lacking Curves?

Okay, SO lets choose tops that are super busy! I mean RUFFLES, Horizontal lines, ect! This will create a larger bust appearance! A bonus if its a push up top! Hike them puppies up there! Also, choose bottoms with a belt or rope around the waist for a curvier appearance! And for the love of donuts-- NO sliding triangular tops or those tie bottoms! 


Another body type I didn't mention (THERE ARE SEVERAL) and maybe could use my help deciding on a swimsuit?


 Check back right here Between now and May for more swimsuits to be uploaded to the page!