HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BOOBIES!--- To get a Breast lift and Augmentation or noo-- My journey with Plastic Surgery!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BOOBIES!--- To get a Breast lift and Augmentation or noo-- My journey with Plastic Surgery!

Let me first start out by saying I've never really necessarily "lacked" in the bust department.

One was always NOTICIBLY bigger than the other. But, They never really lacked size.

I had gained, and lost 100 pounds, went through three pregancies-- and this left me with EMPTY skin. (Reminded me of door knockers!, LOL)

How to choose door knockers for period homes | Real Homes

I had lost all this weight, but I was still obsessed with my appearance. I felt AWFUL about the way I looked. 

So, I discussed it with by husband and we decided we could come up with the funds to feel better in my own skin. 

My first tip: DO your research, go to a few different consultations. I settled with the second doctor I seen and LOVED him as well as his staff. 

I went to the second consultation I had scheduled-- Dr Centeno of Columbus Plastic institute. (IT IS common for these to cost $100-$150, don't worry if you tried to make an appointment and they wanted money to make the appointment) 

We discussed Mommy Makeover-- Tummy tuck, Aug, and lift! 

We decided my life style with 4 children-- was not going to support recovery for a tummy tuck.

We decided A lift was necessary-- but then quickly discovered that once that took place I wouldn't be happy unless I got the implants as it would take all of my "volume". 

We discussed I would have an extensive lift-- Keyhole/anchor incisions.

Great explanation and details about this on this link! https://www.northwesternplastics.com/what-makes-the-anchor-breast-lift-unique/

So-- Anchor Lift and 750cc Gummy Bear implants on each side was confirmed. 

SURGERY DAY ONE MONTH LATER-- This is my mom and husband. As they walked out and I was going to surgery, I looked right at my mom and said "Don't worry about me-- I will just be getting my new set!" LOL

This brings me to my 2nd tip:

* MAKE PLANS TO NOT BE ABLE TO DO ANYTHING FOR 5 DAYS ( this is for both lift and aug, I have heard the augmentation alone is a little easier)

* Ask for help! My Husband was great! My mom helped with the kids! My Sister in laws made the trip all the way from North Carolina-- impromptu. We hadn't asked them to but BOY WAS I GLAD they came. My sister Ceilya put all of my meds in a pill organizer and made sure I took them around the clock. 

List of things that REALLY helped me stay comfortable

* Neck Pillow-- You will not be laying on your side, flat on your back-- or really anywhere but a recliner for atleast a week! 

* A FRONT closing sports bra-- A snug one but not SUPER tight. 

SAME day, AFTER surgery-- 

You will be high as a kite--- But when that comes down-- STAY on that Ibprofen and only use hard pain meds AS NECESSARY. That sh*t is bad for you!

You wiIll have black marker all over for awhile!



Bleeding is normal, and keep your AREA CLEAN! I had Steri strips and dissolvable stitches. 

ME REAAAALLLY high on the pain meds and eating this banana nut bread my Sister Ceilya made me LOL

ANOTHER thing--- 

I had under the muscle implants-- and those for sure have to have time to drop down. I came home looking like a B cup but Today I am a DDD almost an E (depending on brand)


Painful-- Yes.... DO I REGRET IT?! 


I LOVE THEM! Best investment ever. 

Let me know If I can help you answer any questions on your journey!