Story time— Blended family blog! Listen to me brag on my in-laws!

Story time— Blended family blog! Listen to me brag on my in-laws!

The right people in your life will never make you feel like a burden—- Story time for those single moms who are looking for the right one—- you also need the right family!


A few weeks ago, my kids and I (well, 3 of them) Troy and Ruby who are from my previous marriage, and Hadley my love baby with my husband today went to my in-laws alone for a mini trip to the beach! My father in law drove 1.5 hours to get me and my babes at myrtle beach airport with no hesitation!  A little stressed thinking I needed to get to a store to get some essentials or atleast order and pick up so my kids didn’t eat them out of house and home— My sister in love says “we already got it”— when I got there they had my SPECIAL Diet Coke and all of the things my kids eat and myself from just hearing me talk  about it or the brief visits they’ve made some they live so far away.  Even had diapers from a previous visit. I couldn’t believe it. I know it was small— but the welcoming I felt when I got there even with 2 kids that aren’t by blood theirs—- amazing. It’s a huge relief on a mom in a blended family.

    To think I slept in until like 10am everyday and my mother in law changed and fed all of my kids—I rested easy! My middle daughter slept comfortably in my sister in laws room with her and she is the one that would normally cry to sleep with me if we are away— and kids don’t stay with people that don’t trust!

   My mother in law packed everyone an individual sandwich for the beach, and it was the best sandwich EVER. Just because she made it for me. She thought about me and my kids, all of them.

   Day two at the beach we set up with close family friends— they all took care of me and mine like they’d known me my whole life! My sister in law Nancy (close family friend, like sibling to my sister in laws) set up a freakin tent for just Hadley like a nascar pit stop and pulled out a whole inventory of toys! It didn’t seem to bother anyone she threw a tantrum for the first 30 minutes we were there.

   Your heart always has a guard up because you want to protect your kids— especially when going to your in- laws house and they aren’t their blood grand kids/ nieces or nephews! I wasn’t raised in a blended family— so I never know what to expect. Don’t really know the boundaries, or rules— but I know one thing to stand true about MY family and new life as an Ollangg—- We are not step, half, or anything of the nature. We are just family.


Thanks for reading my Ted Talk !


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