Only you are responsible for your Happiness! My take on today’s “Unf*ck yourself calendar event” and how it relates to me—- and you!

Only you are responsible for your Happiness! My take on today’s “Unf*ck yourself calendar event” and how it relates to me—- and you!

Ladaaaaays and ladies—- 

Brain dumpin and pumpin over here. Today it is in regards to my 6th day of my “unf*ck yourself calendar”! 

And it’s something along the lines of “You are in charge of your happiness!” 


So, if your still reading— Ima rant. Buckle up! 

Can someone tell me why in the hostess donuts ANYONE would rely on someone else to maintain your Happiness?!  Why would you give someone that much control over you? First off, it’s unfair to BOTH parties. You are putting a lot on someone to expect them to keep you happy. DISRESPECTFUL to be mad they can’t do this for you. I mean it’s YOUR happiness. 

I did this in the past— So, I can tell you why! I wasn’t happy with myself so I constantly used my ex husband as a crutch to make me happy. When he failed to do that, I was a straight up bully. Mean as hell. I based that whole thing off of his ability to make me happy, and since I did that. It resulted in a lot of anxiety, mean words, guilt trips— all simply unfair to him and myself. Amongst other things— we are divorced as divorced can be! 

When I met the LOVE OF MY LIFE, I was gonna be different, and that I am ;) Well in a few areas LMAO. I’m still an asshole. 

This is my second marriage, and I truly believe that the reason we have a perfect relationship is because we do not rely on each other for happiness! We don’t objectify each other in this way! I am not his tool, and he is not mine! I have my own feelings and emotions, goals, and wants—- as does he! We respect this and we do our own thing but together. If that makes sense. We are a perfect team 😍 We continue to move mountains everyday!

Another aspect! Have you ever caught yourself saying “if they don’t invite me to that party— that will ruin my day” or “if she bails on me this time, I’m not going” 

AGAIN, putting your happiness, wants, or desires in someone else’s hands. You are letting someone else’s choices to set your mood and pretty much letting them decide what you do! 

NOT their responsibility. Yours. 

Claim, or RECLAIM control over yourself. Relationships (all types ) cannot be successful if you do not learn to take responsibility for your own happiness and stop waiting around for someone else to provide it. 

If you can relate, stop and think about this. What are the ways I am relying on others for happiness? 

Thank you! 
Emily Ollangg