Brain dumping!

Brain dumping!

Ever heard of Brain dumping?

The definition (well, In my eyes!) is the act of writing everything down that is distracting you! Or, If ya wanna be technical-- a complete transfer of accessible knowledge about a particular subject from your brain to some other storage medium, such as paper or your computer's hard drive.

For me-- This like clears my brain out of all the brain fog. Probably really doesn't but the placebo effect is AMAZING for me! 

My goal is to each day write in this blog with my nonsense! And, Well if you read it, That is up to you!

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So, During a brain dump I just write and that is it. Whatever comes out. There aren't any specific goals other than to get my thoughts out. My best ideas come out this way! 

A major thing I am trying to do in 2021 is become more intentional. For me this means, doing one thing at a time and being intentional with it! 

Answering me 1000 emails for 20 minutes? Guess what ONLY doing  that. 

Giving my kid a bath?! ONLY doing that. Not thinking of my extensive to do list!

Pressing shirts?! ONLY doing that. 

Cuddling with my husband-- ONLY doing that (And I mean it mister, LOL)

Working out?!!? I am only listening to podcasts or books! No business research! 

One. thing. at. a. time. 

I would love to hear if you braindump, and if it helps you!

This is how I am going to start showing up for myself! Also, let me know what you are doing to show up! 


Emily Ollangg :D