BRAIN DUMP 15345428374228 : Growing pains I have had to overcome, and ones I Need to overcome

BRAIN DUMP 15345428374228 : Growing pains I have had to overcome, and ones I Need to overcome

One could say-- "If you are looking for a GLAMOROUS life, Do not choose the path an entrepreneur." 

Funny, I never really considered myself an entrepreneur--But, I guess that is exactly what I am (Amongst Many other things-- haha Depends who you ask!) 

I have been thinking about this a lot lately, So I thought it was time for a brain dump! 

So, I Think of the List:

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1) The NUMBER ONE growing pain I have had to over come? PEOPLE PLEASING. I have the BIGGEST heart. People can sense that and will immediately play on that! I am STILL really soft, But I have stopped letting people run over me. (Any special coupons you would be willing to let ME use as your friend? Any chance I can exchange this top I got 3 months ago? ect. and the list goes on JUST because I am to friendly with someone). 

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I had to learn quickly to politely say "NO" . I was born with this immense desire to please EVERYONE. I may never get comfortable with saying no, But Again, HAVE TO OVERCOME that. 


In all honesty, I have never cared much for what other people think! My Style is LOUD, outgoing, and now right obscene sometimes! I am LEARNING to become more of a leader by taking my customers interest and suggestions to the heart! I try my best to make decisions with everyone who is effected at heart! A true leader has both emotional intelligence and  business intelligence. 


I had to adjust QUICKLY to the demand and responsibility to this as my numbers doubled EVERY MONTH. This was a lot of 4:30am mornings, phone calls for missing packages, angry/lost customers that walked in right in the thick if me "learning" (THANK you to those who stuck around even if I jacked something up! I learn more and more everyday!) I had to overcome this rapid growth by allowing some people to help me (THANK YOU to my affiliates, and my Right hand (Courtney), and my left (Jackilyn). 


I am forcing myself to get more things on PAPER. Write down what is coming in/out. Make BIG long term goals, and set short term ones-- AND crush them. Biggest things that can hold a person down? It CAN'T happen", "You can't overcome fear", Or my personal pet peeve "It'll just happen eventually"-- Spoiler alert--- IT WILL NOT HAPPEN ON IT'S OWN! You or I cannot expect anything to be handed over-- You will recieve help via the tools you come across but it boils down to your (and my) ability to just GET IT DONE. 

4) The final and BIG one I am struggling to over come: WORK LIFE BALANCE

I need to learn to set priorities, and learn to stay organized so that I can leave this business at the basement steps at a certain time everyday. I think by prioritizing and organizing my plans for the day a little better-- I could give a littler more to each area of my life! 

If you made it this far in ADHD brain dump--- Share with me Any things you have had to overcome in your career life--- and Maybe you can give me a tip or two on balancing my work life balance! 

Thank YOU SO SO MUCH for all of your support! 

I am so excited to see what this year brings you and I both! 

Mrs. Ollangg

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